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How to Unlock and Use Retainers in Final Fantasy XIV


Retainers are a Final Fantasy XIV feature that allows players to use the auction house, to store and to obtain items. The only requirement to use retainers is to complete the level 17 quest The Scions of the Seventh Dawn. This is a main story quest. Retainers are in fact NPCs that take care of several jobs for adventurers. They are hired from NPCs located in each one of the three main cities. A player can have a maximum of eight retainers. To use retainers services, players must first call them using a summoning bell. Such an item is found in any inn room, in the market area, residential zones and various other game zones. When a retainer is summoned, the player can interact with it to make use of its services. 
Most players will start using retainers as storage and to access the market. A retainer works just like a bank. It will store items and FFXIV gil for the player. Retainers are also the player's connection to the auction house. Using its services, players can have items listed on the market associated with a main city. The gil obtained when selling an item on the market goes into retainer's inventory. A later Final Fantasy XIV patch introduced a new retainer functionality. Players can assign retainers a class, equip them with gear and send them on missions to gather class specific Final Fantasy XIV items. Retainers can become disciples of war, magic or land. They are given gear that fits their class and sent on ventures. There are nine types of retainer tasks or ventures. They can gather crafting materials dropped from monsters, mine, collect items with botany and fishing. There are five types of exploration ventures. Field, highland, woodland, waterside and quick exploration ventures enable retainers to obtain all sorts of items such as Allagan Bronze or class related items. Not all retainer classes can take all ventures. For example, woodland exploration can be done only by botanists retainers. Players spend a currency called ventures to send retainers on missions. Ventures are obtained from grand company vendors for seals and as a reward from leve and Beast Tribes quests. 

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