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How to Use the Duty Finder in Final Fantasy XIV


Final Fantasy XIV has a feature called duty finder that offers an easy way to find members for multiplayer activities. This is basically an automatic look for group tool that speeds and eases the process of finding teammates. The duty finder is used for both PvE and PvP activities. Players will be able to use it only after they have unlocked that activity by doing the necessary quests. The available activities are listed under categories. Players will see an expandable list of dungeons, trials, raids, guildhests, and such. If they wish to take part in an activity they must click the checkbox and then click the join button.
The duty finder interface also displays player's level in the current class or job and the associated role. Final Fantasy XIV pairs each class or job with a role. An option allows players to join a party that has already made progress in the selected activity. Some activities have item level requirements. Players are not able to join a party for them unless they meet the requirement. As long as their gear is not good enough, they will see a locked sign instead of the checkbox. The duty finder will look for players of specific roles based on the selected activity. Light parties are groups of four players. Full parties require eight members. Raids are groups of 24 players. A fixed number of roles is required for each type of group. It's possible to bypass the role check and party size requirements by changing some duty finder settings. The undersized party option allows players to enter certain duties with an incomplete group.
Character level which you could reach via buying FFXIV Power Leveling and item level will not be synced, XP and loot are only received from bosses and, spirit bond and soul resonance are not gained. The minimum item level setting reduces the party's item level making the duty more challenging. There is also a setting that permits players to choose from different loot rules such as normal, greed only, or master loot. The duty roulette allows players to join random duties from specified categories. More rewards are obtained from completing duty roulette activities. Cheap Final Fantasy XIV Gil are online for sale to help you complete these activities easy.

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