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What We Know about the Samurai in Final Fantasy XIV


Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood expansion will add two new jobs: Red Mage and Samurai. There are a few similarities between the two of them. They are both DPS jobs with no base class. Players who choose the Samurai will start the character at level 50. Unlike most Final Fantasy XIV jobs, Samurai has no starting class. The first Samurai quest is in one of the areas from A Realm Reborn and it's available only if players have the expansion upgrade. Samurai is a melee DPS class that deals damage using a katana. This is a traditional Japanese sword. Each Final Fantasy XIV katana has its own scabbard so each sword will have not just different stats but also a different look. The Samurai is the master of katana fighting techniques. The katana is able to store energy during combat. Energy is spent to perform powerful attacks. This job is based on real sword fighting techniques and martial arts. Players will learn the Iai, the Japanese art of sword fighting. Other techniques will be available as well. A Samurai's training requires learning the ways of Sen. There are three forces that can be mastered: snow, moon and flower. In game they are called by their Japanese name: setsu, getsu and ka. The best stat for Samurai is strength. Samurais will use the same type of equipment as Monks. 
Samurai job was presumably teased by Naoki Yoshida, game's producer, at Tokyo Fan Festival when he wore a Spider Man t-shirt. Players immediately start thinking about a connection and they came up with the Sam[u]Rai speculation. Sam Raimi is one of Spider Man's directors and Sam sounds like Samu in Japanese. Yoshida is well known for his habit of teasing game updates by wearing t-shirts with hidden messages and references. Yoshi-P confirmed the Samurai job by showing up dressed in a full Samurai cosplay costume at the opening ceremony of Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest in Frankfurt. That's all for FFXIV Samurai, if you want to play it you need definiently need cheap FFXIV Gil. For the fans that don't have much time to play, buy FFXIV Power Level online will save both your time and money!  

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