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What is Limit Break in FFXIV and How to Use it


Final Fantasy XIV limit break is a PvE related ability. It's a spell that becomes usable when players work together in a dungeon or raid. When players join a party, they will notice the limit break gauge displayed on the UI. This gauge starts as empty and gradually fills as players perform actions based on their role. When the gauge (or meter) is full, a player can access it and activate the limit break ability. The gauge then resets and starts filling again. Limit break is bound to the party rather than to a character so a player cannot use it right after it was used by another.
The limit break meter has three levels based on the size of the party. Light parties have access to level one limit break. Full parties can use limit break level two. Raid parties unlock level three. The level represents the limit break's power that scales with the content's difficulty. Final Fantasy XIV limit break effect has impact on all party members and changes based on the caster. When the limit break is used by a tank, the party will receive less damage for a while. The reduction and time depend on the limit break level. Healer limit break restores party members' HP. Once again, the spell's efficiency is tied to its level. For damage dealers, there are three types of limit breaks depending on play style. Melee physical DPS do a single target attack. Ranged magical DPS do an area of effect damaging ability. Ranged physical damage dealers do a frontal cone attack.
Final Fantasy XIV players use the limit break depending on the encounter's difficulty or particular mechanics. In light parties, it's mostly the DPS players who perform the limit break. In bigger size parties and raids, the leader can assign the limit break duty to specific roles. For example, in raids with heavy AOE the limit break may be used by tanks or healers. It's up to each party how the limit break is used. Now what do you think of this small guide, hope it's useful for you. Buy FFXIV Gil cheap for NA/EU/JP from u7buy is good choice to get gil fast and safe. FFXIV Power Leveling safe service is available too with cheap price and professional levelers here.

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