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Final Fantasy XIV is quite an interesting side step from the original FF formula but it seems that it works. FFXIV has made a long lasting effect on the community which is why people still look up guides for it today and which is also why we have prepared one just for your viewing pleasure. This guide will simply outline the classes for you so you know who to pick when the time of reckoning comes and you install Final Fantasy XIV. So buckle up buckaroos because we are in for a wild ride in Final Fantasy XIV.

The Classes

Melee DPS Jobs:
Monk: The Fast and Steady Melee DPS Fist fighter. Your speed in battle slowly ramps up. This class probably has the highest button press count of all the classes.
Dragoon: The slower, heavy hitting melee DPS Spear user. 
Ninja: The inbetween dual wielder. Fast, but not as fast as a fully buffed monk.

Ranged DPS Jobs:
Black Mage: The hard hitting immobile Nuker. Cycles between waves of dealing incredibly high damage to periods of slow where you recover mana. 
Summoner: The pet and dot caster DPS. Steady burn version of Black Mage.
Bard: The highly mobile ranged archer. Less DPS than the other damage focused classes but with much utility. 
Healer Jobs:
White Mage: The brute force healer. 
Scholar: The Absorption/Pet Healer. Shield giver and healer. 
Tank Jobs:
Paladin: The Sword and Board mitigation tank. 
Warrior: The berserking sponge wall of meat. 

What to pick?

Your choice in the end buddy. Whether you want to be a large piece of meat or a fast moving monk that hits everything around him, you decide. I personally wend with the black mage on my first play of FINAL FANTASY XIV, but that’s just me. SO if you are thinking about joining the world of FINAL FANTASY XIV, you have a class guide to ready you for the choice. 
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