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Final Fantasy XIV – What to Do During the All Saints Wake Celebration


All Saints Wake is the Eorzean version of Halloween. This holiday is celebrated in-game since A Realm Reborn was released. This event is attractive because it comes with new content each year. Players will want to complete it to discover this year's story, to adventure into the Haunted Mansion, and to collect the new items. There are only two requirements to take part in event activities. Players need a level 15 character which you could get easy with FFXIV Power Leveling service offered by u7buy. The second requirement is the completion of the “It's Probably Pirates” quest. Once players have completed these two requirements, they will head to Gridania. 
At coordinates X:10.4, Y:8.4 in Gridania, players will find an NPC called Adventurers' Guild Investigator. He will task players with the quest that starts the chain. The quest is called “An Othardian Wolfman in Gridania”. The entire chain takes place in Gridania and it's very easy to complete. Players will need to talk to two NPCs for the first part of the quest. The second part “The Adventurer Who Cried Wolfman” has several requirements that are also rapidly completed. The final quest of this small chain is “Mind Their Manor”. Players will unlock the event dungeon, the Haunted Manor. This is actually a version of Haukke Manor that is available for the duration of the event only. To enter the dungeon, players will speak with the event NPC that will place them in the queue. There are no role requirements so it doesn't take much time to find a party. The dungeon is casual and fun. There are a few objectives to complete. Players will have to gather items and to avoid enemies. There is no fighting involved.  
During the event, players can get themed attire and housing items. There are 10 pieces of equipment available, five for female characters and the other five are for male ones. Players get the entire Werewolf outfit. Five decoration items can be obtained as well. All Saints Wake starts October 19th and ends November 1st. Buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil cheap from u7buy is now the best and easiest way to get gil fast online. Enjoy now! 

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