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Final Fantasy XIV - How the FATE System Works


Final Fantasy XIV has a system called full active time events or FATEs. These are dynamic events that can start in any location except main cities or settlements. When a FATE appears, players must complete the requirements in order to finish it and to get the rewards. Completing a FATE usually involves killing monsters, a boss, escorting NPCs or retrieving FFXIV items. The rewards include XP, gil and company seals. There are a few quests that require players to complete FATEs. When players complete a FATE they will get a medal that shows their performance and/or contribution. 
When a FATE begins, nearby players are notified with a message. There is also an indicator on the map. To take part in it, players need to travel to the marked location. Once they're in FATE range, they will be asked to synchronize their character level with the FATE's level else they cannot participate. Players don't need to manually group up to work together towards a FATE, however, those who want to level with FATEs should find a group to speed things up. There are FATEs that don't need a team of players but it will take some time to solo a FATE. 
There are four types of FATEs depending on their objective. FATEs that require players to kill enemies (monsters or a boss) are in general the easiest. There are also FATEs that require players to obtain items and turn them in at NPCs that are located near the FATE. Needed items can be picked from the ground or obtained when killing FATE monsters. Defend FATE are those where players have to defend locations from enemies. Escort FATE task players with defending NPC from monsters as they travel from one place to another. FATEs have a time limit, if the objective is not met within the allocated time the FATE will despawn and the players won't get any rewards. Turn in FATEs have a number of items that have to be turned it to successfully finish the event. When participating in defend type of FATEs, players must make sure to not let enemies destroy all objectives else the FATE will fail. Most players use FATEs is conjunction with the leveling system to obtain XP. Farming FATEs is a valid leveling strategy in Final Fantasy XIV. If you want to start it now, buy FFXIV Gil from u7buy and get your character armed first. Good luck!

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