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What to expect from the new Final Fantasy XIV expansion


The new Final Fantasy XIV expansion, Stormblood, is expected to go live on 20th June 2017. Content additions include new areas and new story quests. Adventurers are sent to Rhalgr's Reach to begin the new quest line that will reveal Stormblood story. The new zones are comparable to Heavensward areas in terms of size but they will feature unique scenery and monsters. Ala Mhigo plays a big part in Stormblood's lore. The city state was under Garlean rule for more than 20 years and some of its citizens have come to accept this. Freeing Ala Mhigo is a challenge that will take more than just defeating foes in battle. Players will encounter new tribes. The Ananta is a new beast tribe. They're a snake tribe who worships Lady of Bliss, a Primal we can expect to see as boss of a new trial. The Forbidden Land of Eureka will task adventurers with exploration missions. 
Stormblood increases the level cap by ten levels so players will be able to reach level 70. All jobs and disciplines will receive the new level cap. In the mean time, cheap FFXIV power leveling service will be online at u7buy for all fans. Final Fantasy XIV expansion comes with new jobs including one that has been requested by the community since A Realm Reborn was released. Red Mages are finally coming to Eorzea. Other jobs are planned as well. Characters are able to use cross class skills based on their job and class. This system will go through some changes that will allow players to use skills based on their role rather than job. Crafting disciplines receive updates so craftsmen gain access to new recipes. Each crafting job will have new recipes. A most welcome addition is the expanded inventory. Players will be glad to have more storage space. Stormblood adds a new residential area for player owned homes. Adventurers are given new ways to interact with the Eorzean landscape. Starting with 20th June 2017 they will be able to swim and to dive underwater. We can expect to see some activities related to the new exploration options. PvE content is expanded with new dungeons and new raids. Return to Ivalice is a 24 man raid. Yasumi Matsuno returned to create the story for this new raid. Omega is an eight man raid for high end PvE. Players can already preorder FFXIV Gil cheap for Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood. 

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