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FFXIV known as Final Fantasy XIV Online is MMORPG for PC is a very popular game all over the world. FFXIV Gil as the main currency in this game are very useful and have a huge demand in NA, EU and JP regions.

There are several ways to deliver Final Fantasy XIV Gil fast in game.
The first one we usually use is face-to-face delivery. When you buy FFXIV Gil fast from u7buy.com, our carrier will send a friend request and message you in game. You/ our carrier choose a place to meet and then make the delivery. You could contact with u7buy live help when you want to get Gil of FFXIV face to face delivery, so we could arrange for you.

The second one is via in-game mail. Our ff14 carrier will send you a friend request first. You need to login Final Fantasy 14 account to check and accept the request first. Then we could send the Gil you bought to your in-game mail box. Tip: make sure you in-game box is not full, or you could not receive the mail with gil we sent.

The third way is trading FFXIV Gold quick through the Market Board or deposit gil to your FC chest. We don’t use these delivery methods a lot, because there is 5% MB taxes. It means after we send the Final Fantasy XIV Gil, you will miss 5% gil. If you want to do this please contact with us after you ordered Gil of FFXIV.

We usually choose safe way for buying FF14 Gil. In case you got any question or not receive Gil of FFXIV in time, u7buy live help is online 24 hours.

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