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FFXV Important Tips


Well the game is finally here after so much hype and, to answer all of your questions, yes it is so worth the money. FFXV has done for Final Fantasy what MGSV TPP has done for Metal Gear. Bigger, better, sharper and way more amazing. But my fanboy hype aside, this article is here so you can find out all about Final Fantasy XV and the tips you need to know in order to play it. So strap in everybody because we are looking at the most important tips for Final Fantasy XV.


- Just play the tutorial…You will thank me later.

-Knock off the free roaming until Chapter 3. You will see why.


-Rest before battles.

-Learn how to use your friends in combat. 

-Don’t go the whole “Spray n Pray” rout and try to watch your health. Trust me, this one is important. 

-At the beginning, to go crazy with exploring at night. It can get pretty bad.

-Spamming the stamina button is actually ok since there is a bit of a glitch where you can turn on the bar and press it when it’s nearly depleted. 

-Get Roadrunning and Chocobump abilities as soon as you can.

-Make use of the shop in your car.

What else do you need?

Aside from needing half a brain to follow these basic tips, you will also need patience since you will progress very slowly if you value exploration that much. Keep in mind that I am not telling you to not explore this world, just try and keep it to a minimum unless you want to die horribly that is. Thank you for reading and get more with another Final Fantasy XV tip article here. 

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