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Final Fantasy XV Finding and Killing Cactuar


It’s kind of strange to say that a dancing cactus is an iconic enemy in FFXV, but that is just the case. In Final Fantasy, you can kill these little bastards in order to get a huge reward that will, especially in the beginning of the game. These things net you 3333 EXP and that is a LOT. So if you want to ride through the world of Final Fantasy in style, all you have to do is cut down some poor defenseless Cactuar… Murderer.  


-In FFXV, Leide is a place where Cactuar can be found reliably but they do also spawn in other areas in specific times which include the morning from 5AM but they stop into the afternoon. 

-Cactuar run. They are weak to Dagger and Gun type weapons but do not use ice magic. Same goes with Slacktuar.

-Gigantuar is found as part of a hunt in the game

-Cactuar drop Oracle Ascension Coins. Traded for high value items which means it’s very useful at the start. 

-Slactuar will drop the much-needed Cactuar Needle item. This item doesn’t have as much long-term utility as the needle.

So what to do?

Go out and slay defenseless creatures like the maniac you are. Cactuar and Slactuar are a large boost to your game in Final Fantasy 15 and you will notice a huge speed up in your leveling and item acquisition within the game. So if you want to get a jump start on everything and be able to handle even the high level stuff early on, just go out and find some Cactuar and Slactuar in order to become a god in Final Fantasy.

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