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Final Fantasy XV Tips


The game is finally in my hands and I can’t tell you how overjoyed I am to have finally pira…Bought FFXV for my PC and started playing. FFXV is a brilliant game and I have to say that, yes the graphics are as amazing as they seem on the videos and promotional content. The game has only been out for a while now but there are already a lot of guides and forum posts about FFXV and how to be better at it which is why we did one ourselves. It’s down there if you want it.

The Guide for FFXV

-Run by jumping- Go to the options menu, turn on the stamina bar and start jumping like a maniac to save it.

-Don’t hoard items for the love of God; I thought we got through this when we talked about The Elder Scrolls

-Rest at Hotels when you have a lot of XP.

-Get Ignis’s healing abilities- you should do this this because he has an excellent move called regroup which is a must.

-Side quests can wait since they don’t go anywhere.

-Spam the teleportation- It’s surprising how useful the teleportation ended up being.


AS we all know, FFXV is going to have a brilliant story and I have just grazed the surface of it. From my experience I would like to say that ignoring the side quests thing is a hit and miss since there are some that are quite brilliant and there are some which…Are downright awful and I never want to see again. This being said, do not worry because the game is amazing and from the first moment you step in up until, I hope, the very last you will still gaze in awe at the world of FFXV. Thanks for reading and I hope that you too can Finally get your hands on Final Fantasy XV. 

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