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FIFA 16 Maintenance – Updates 1.07


For fifa 16 playing, we know there are many bugs in it, but recently the EA books a place of negative headlines of the glariing glitch in the ultimate team mode, which affects the chemistry of numerous top cards, it is much more worse than the standsrd cards.  And the EA sports has announced that there are actually inconsistencies in the chemistry and the fitness values of some items, the details about it, it can not be told.

And then the EA sports now announced that there will be a patch for the ps4, xbox one and pc, all of these are to meet this problem, which is called updates 1.07, and it is about 400Mb in size if you updates it, and it only can be got at ps4, xbox one and pc. The ps3 and xbox 360 will be updates later.

Besides that, about some of the deeper mechanics of the fifa 16, the developers will move towards the fifa 17 releasing will be shard. As how the chemistry calculated exactly, and especially the impact the chemistry make concretely, has fundamentally a mystery of developers.

We hope the deeper mechanics can be coming soon, ans also hope the fifa 17 can be coming soon, and hope the EA sports can make the game much better than before, there is less and less bugs for players to play. Do you expect to play fifa 17? Do you expect the fifa 17 can be released soon? We all expect that, and now, maybe you are playing the fifa 16, and the fifa 16 coins and fut 16 points you needed perhaps. Come to our site for help please, we are the legit and professinal site for coins and points account buying.

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