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How to Actually Defend in FIFA 16


In previous articles, we repeat the method or tips for defending, it is an important action on the football field. And with the reworked abilities on the offensive increasing constantly this year. You should put more attention on your defense. Here is something about how to actually defend in FIFA 16. 

The most important aspect of defending in FIFA 16 is the jockey function. The L2 button makes your player jockey, jockey is the performance of facing the ball and move sideways, which is very useful all over the pitch. When you hold the L2 button, try to stay a little inside the players, and allow someone the outside using your wingers can catch up by holding LB button. You can use that to shield passing lanes or prevent the player from breaking through whenever the opponent is not running. In addition, use the standing tackle by pressing circle or B button, when you see an opportunity to get to the ball is helpful. Keep in mind, never play with your back four or five before your opponent is actually in the box. It is a good choice to play a formation including a CDM and chase players with him as much as possible.This will stop you from pulling your own defense apart. Even Sometimes just standing or walking in an opponent's way is enough to take the ball from him.In addition, you can chase a player by tapping the O button to tug his shirt and push him off the ball. He will be slow down and it is difficult to pass or shoot for him. Remember don't chase the ball all over the pitch. Save your energy in your third of the field. In midfield and attacking zone, try to mess up buildup and look for the occasional steal.

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