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How to Build Best Team without Coins or Points?(I)


Most players think that fifa 16 coins and fut 16 points are playing important role in game playing, but it is not we think, maybe you can build the best team without coins and points.

Now you should log into the fifa 16 web app, you're gonna receive some gifts from sports, for example as you are seeing in the clip, I have received three packs as a gift for being a returning player, you're gonna open those packs of course check all the players, and after you have opened the box. You're gonna go and see from which league most of your players will be. This is very important because this is how you link player in how to make, and it will be very very hard for you to link two leagues or even three league, so it will be very difficult.

To choose the formation whereplayers will be easy to link up, so if you want to go that saved a high rate if you think that you are able to do that players are having a team to choose.These kind of formations of  are very good very easy to link players in it, after you have checked from which leagues most of their players, after you have chosen the formation to use.

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