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How to Start Fast Counter Attacks in FIFA 16(I)


For fifa 16 playing, the fast counter attacks is playing the important role, which can help you with an easy way to score a goal and to win the games, and maybe the fifa 16 coins you will get from that, but do you know how to start fast counter attacks in fifa 16? Get in the following.

Defending in FIFA 16 seem to be extremely easy at the beginning of the game, but wiht the patches launched by EA, it got harder and harder. Because of that I plan to do a mini series of defending tutorials, in which I will present you different techniques used  during the game. That you'll be understanding easier what and when you need to do it.

The first technique which I'm going to teach you today is pressuring your opponent into a no risk area of the patch, as you can see in this example I have my defender selected I'm moved him slightly to the center to close that gap and showed opponent where he has to go, after that I select my other defender I used the second man press to keep pressuring the striker and in the moment I see I have him cornered, I get close I do with them and i retrieve the ball. The singles for the other example I am using the second man practice to keep him pressured on the wing, waiting for him todo a mistake which he eventually start a deadly counterattack.

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