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How to Use Pace in FIFA 16


No matter in real football or FIFA 16, pace is important, A game without any pace is boring, just like the ball aka possession game.A player can easier pass the ball,outpace defenders even score with great pace, we know that everything can be simple only if you master the skills.Today i will teach you some skills to use pace in FIFA 16 properly.

You now have to use knock by pushing the right-stick twice in the direction you want to run. You can no longer simply run/dribble using R2 to beat an opponent for pace.You will run much faster, and you'll easily outpace defenders. It is most effectively put to use on the wings where there's space to run, or on the counter.In addition,you can try Bolasie Flick, you can hold R1 and flick the right stick up and right/left.Another is the fake pass thing. Stand still and do a fake shot (Shoot + Pass buttons) while holding sprint. Your player will feint a pass, rolling it forward and back.

Of course, you can buy some fast players if you have enough FIFA 16 coins.I tell this skills based on my personal experience in FIFA 16,if you master more effect method of using pace,Looking forward to your feedback.

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