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Do You Have Problems With Free Shots in FIFA 17? We Teach You How to Master Them.


We have been talking about the important changes FIFA 17 has implemented. In particular, the free throws were the aspects that suffered the most changes. Over time we have realized that these changes have been for good, since now free throws give us greater freedom of movement and direction, do not you think?
Well, this space is to help all those who still do not manage to dominate the free throws in FIFA 17. We already talked about the corner shots, the penalties and the day has come to close with a snap ... We will talk about the free throws.
Let´s begin!
In fact, the process is the same as with the penalties. You can consult our last article to review the advice that we offered in that occasion. However, we will make a brief summary below:
- How to shoot a penalty correctly? We only need to use the right stick to choose the position of the player and the left stick to determine the area where the ball should be hit.
- Use the right player; You must choose a player who has a good level of power, precision, curve and other characteristics.
- Give effect to the shot; You only need to press the trigger button (circle on PlayStation and B on Xbox) and move the left stick to give the desired effect to the ball.
Well, knowing that, let's move on to more tips for these types of shots:
Powerful shots
If you prefer to pierce the barrier or the goalie with a powerful shot, you should just leave the LB button on Xbox or L1 on PlayStation next to the trigger button. This type of shot is going to strike any player that is in the path of the ball.
Shoot with more players
To call a second player, press the LT / L2 button. Since it is close, we can perform various actions with the button of the second player (LT / L2) along with the shooting button (B + A on Xbox / Circle + X on PlayStation) X) to make a stop, the high pass button to raise it (X / Square) or simply the shooting button to shoot with it. Cheap FIFA 17 Coins will help you a lot to get these players you need from transfer market. 

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