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FIFA17 Companion App Guide


With the new version FIFA17 Ultimate Team released, EA published a Companion App of FIFA17 for mobile. This new app available for the devices running Android 4.1 and up, iDevices on iOS 8.2 and higher, or Windows (Windows devices running Windows Phone 8.1 or newer ). It is also free to download.

You could download this app free and connect it with your EA account. You will find a group of in-app for buying FUT things you need in game, like coins, which make it very convenient for fifa players’ purchases. But players could see that it might be a little expensive to buy things here, if you think so you could go to u7buy.com to buy the cheapest FIFA 17 coins and FIFA 17 points accounts in the whole market. Both delivered in 15 minutes and have 24 hours online service support.

Except buying things, this FIFA17 Companion App has a pint-sized UI to help fut players manage your Ultimate Team. The transfer market which we used a lot is also available from the mobile UI, so it will become easier for us to transfer players on our phone at anytime. There’s even a mini-game of sorts that’s all about team composition, with shifting targets that give out in-game rewards for a strategically assembled squad.

This FUT 17 Companion App works for all version of fifa 17 games on XBOX One, PS4, XBOX 360, PS3 and PC. But before you use it, you need buy fifa 17 first for your consoles. After you connected fifa 17 companion app with your EA account, you could manage your fifa Ultimate Team, build squad and transfer players.

Download the app asap if you play FIFA17, and go to u7buy.com buy cheap FIFA17 points accounts which you could login on your console and use the points in it. Price we offer is the cheapest and account details sent to your email in 15 minutes usually. 24/7 online service is waiting for you.

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