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Guide to Becoming the Best Player of FIFA 17 (Part One)


FIFA 17 is a complex football game, as it offers several simultaneous mechanics and makes available to users various combinations of controls. The essence of the gameplay is based on what you may already know of other football titles, such as previous editions of FIFA and PES, so you know that is more than enough for any normal player. However, if you want to master the gameplay of FIFA 17 perfectly, you will have to learn, practice and refine your skills with different elements of the game.
How to defend
1) Do not ignore the tactics: to defend well, you will have to consider the tactics that your team is using. If your team has orders to stay behind and wait for the opponent, do not be surprised if you try to push and you find that your teammates do not follow you. On the other hand, you must also take into account the type of defenses you have.
2) Limit the danger: many gamers have the (wrong) habit of launching towards the attacker, which leaves the opponent free to get the ball and facilitate the dribbling. Your priority should be to prevent the player with the ball from advancing by pressing A (Xbox) or X (PlayStation); so you automatically place your defense in front of the opponent.
3) Avoid shots and centers: once you've slowed down your opponent, you must be clear about your priorities: avoid shots and dangerous centers. You will have to sacrifice your position sometime, but it is always better to leave an open lateral angle than to leave the center clear. On the other hand, it is also better that the ends pass the ball to a teammate than the center to the area or the race towards the goal.
Pro Tip 1: With LB (Xbox) or L1 (PlayStation), you can ask an AI partner for help, which will put pressure on the player carrying the ball. This technique can be useful if you are trying to slow down your opponent, but it is especially effective in the middle of the field when you try to exert more pressure. In defense, you have to use this technique very carefully, otherwise, you will end up removing a defender from his position, which can have terrible consequences. Try to limit the use of this aid to the sides or to the area closest to the central part of the field.
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