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Guide to Becoming the Best Player of FIFA 17 (Part Three)


We come to the end of this guide and we will do it in the best way possible. This time we will teach you how to attack the adversary. Let's start!
1) New shots: One of the new elements of FIFA 17 is the introduction of new types of shots. If you hold down the pull button, the ball will accumulate strength, but it will also gain height. However, you can also charge a powerful shot and send it to ground level by pressing the button a second time before the player pulls the goal.
2) Know the individual tactics: As in the rest of the field, tactics are important in attack and not just team, but also individual. For example, you can ask a striker to try to get behind the defense when you have the ball in the middle or you can ask him to delay and get down to receive it. You can even ask him to stay in the center or fall to extremes.
3) Find out the type of players you have on your team: If you have a short forward with little ability to jump, you can spend all day focusing the ball to the area and you will only score. Study your players, their strengths and weaknesses and play accordingly. You have to adapt to the players you have and not the other way around.
Pro Tip 1: With the triggers (Xbox) and the L2 and R2 (PlayStation) buttons, you'll make your player turn around and face his opponent. Well, if you press the two buttons at the same time, you can move the ball sideways without changing direction, so that it will serve to make good passes or to show your skill with the dribbles. Specifically, this movement is especially useful with the sides, in the area closest to the band.
That has been everything for this guide to become professionals of FIFA 17. Besides, cheap FIFA 17 Coins will help you a lot for becoming a good player. We hope that these tips have served them and that with it, their skills improve day by day.


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