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Guide to Becoming the Best Player of FIFA 17 (Part Two)


The midfield is a very strategic area, so you must plan your movements very well.
1) Positioning: The key to dominating the center of the field is to have a clear idea of where the players are without seeing them. Move the ball carefully and, if necessary, change sides with a long pass or throw the ball to one side. The midfield is usually the most crowded area, so you should not let a single player have possession of the ball for a long time and better avoid racing with LT (Xbox) or L2 (PlayStation) in this area.
2) Pass the ball over and over again: A good way to catch the unsuspecting opponent is to make walls; But that does not mean that you have to always return the ball to the player who is running. If the defender follows the player who runs, pass the ball to another player. Another good tactic is to extend the wall to a third player: you can pass the ball to a midfielder to start and then pass it to a striker, for example. Then, when the player who runs you passes it, give it back. This way you will get several players moving at the same time across the field and looking for the holes; But be careful because losing the ball will make your half field completely open.
Tip: The pressure of the opponent in the middle can be very strong and facing his players is a quick way to lose the ball. If you want to prevent this from happening, you can hold the ball with the left trigger (Xbox) or the L2 (PlayStation) button. It is the action of shielding the ball, which causes your player to turn his back on the opponent and keep the ball out of reach. Let's see, it will not last long, but it will give you precious seconds for a partner to come and help you.
Tip 2: Passing the ball though a gap is not only useful in attack, but can also be very effective in the middle of the field. If a partner comes running from behind, you can send the ball to the hole. In addition, it is a great way to leave the ball ready for a potent shot. Learn to use this pass and dominate the midfield.
This has been all for this second part. Remember that next time we will return with the final part of this guide, which focuses on the attack. Buy FIFA 17 Coins Cheap from u7buy and get more tips for gameplaying too! 


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