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5 Features to Make FIFA17 More Realistic


We know FIFA is a series of football game designed by EA sports, to make the game bring more realistic experience like real FIFA, EA always try their best to improve, so FIFA 17 born out. In this article, i summarized five features which you will find in FIFA 17.

1.A New Mode Called Journey
In FIFA 17, EA added a story mode, it is Journey where you can play as a young player called Alex Hunter. You should help him to achieve his dream in Journey of FIFA 17. It will start when you choose a team and the position you want, keep in mind, it must be the attack position such as striker or midfielder.
2.About Frostbite Powered Graphics
FIFA 17 will run on the Frostbite Engine, it is different from all previous versions. It means you will find more realistic player models in FIFA17. Especially when you play it at night, you will experience more emotive and realistic with the impressive lighting. 
3.Real Control Of The Ball
In FIFA17, you can jostle other players and and try to get a better receiving position, especially for corners and throw-ins. With more chance to protect your ball possession. You needn’t to shield the ball. In addition, the in-air shielding is great which can help you bring the ball down to your feet rather than having to head it out by pulling LT. 
4.Corners and Penalties Become More Complex
FIFA17 providing the way of control all dead ball situations for more jump out of your seat occasions by rewriting the set pieces. The way you take corners and penalties will change in FIFA 17. You can also choose to stay behind the camera angle you any penalty, free kick or a corner, so you can see your ball trajectory. 
5.AI will be more Intelligent
In FIFA 17, all your hard work will be supported by your teammates powered through the new AI system, it is more intelligent than other versions. Your players will move into the more strategic positions. They needn't run straight for the box when there's an open space on the wing that you could curve a ball into for a better shot at goal. 

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