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FIFA 17 Neat Easter Eggs


FIFA 17 is a brilliant game and it surely deserves all of the hype it has received from the community over the years, but there are a few bits and pieces here and there that you might have never noticed before. So without further ado, here are the FIFA 17 Easter Eggs that you never knew about before. Not all that useful, but they are fun as all hell. 
The team with no players- MLS team Atlanta United- Check out this team in FIFA 17 Ultimate team and you will see what this Easter Egg is all about. Pretty self-explanatory.
When you’re playing around in the arena, repeatedly press L2 and R2 this will let you run away from the ball and get a simple tour of the arena. Pretty fun and a whole lot of pointless. But that’s a FIFA 17 Easter Egg for you.
Dimitar Berbatov on the cameraman’s screen- You can see this on the second, yup second, screen of the cameraman for the guys filming the game. Cute and neat at the same time. FIFA 17 Easter eggs are all about that. 
A bit more
I am not really sure about the Easter eggs of FIFA 17 but these are the ones found and known throughout the FIFA 17 community. If you happen to find any more FIFA 17 Easter Eggs do leave a comment with that so we can check them out and have some fun too. But let’s be honest here, FIFA 17 is about the Football and not the Easter Eggs so just play around and have some fun. And remember go to u7buy.com when you want to buy FIFA 17 Coins PS4 and xbox one or cheap FIFA 17 Points Account, this is definitely the best site. Whatever you decide to do, just make sure you don’t play with Pele online…  

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