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FIFA 17 Ones to Watch


Well FIFA 17 is getting another special feature added to the huge list of features called FIFA 17 Ones to Watch. FIFA 17 Ones to Watch is a list of special players that have been transferred during the summer and can be found in special packs during the time that FIFA 17 Ones to Watch lasts which is from Sep. 30th. The cards will be set as live which means that they will change their stats and values as time goes on, making everyone have a different special card based on the time of FIFA 17 Ones to Watch they got the card at. All in all, FIFA 17 Ones to Watch is a perfect example of how content should be added to a video game. So get ready when the time comes since the cards will whizz on by if you are not careful. 

Why are Ones to Watch Players special ?

Players available during FIFA 17 Ones to Watch will be the high profile players which have been transferred to a different club permanently. These players will have incredible stats that will update as time goes on so you will have some pretty amazing players based on the time you got them. The cards will follow the Blue in form values that are placed on the high profile player which means that they will mostly retain high stats, though that is subject to change. Basically, FIFA 17 Ones to Watch players bring about a special set of players and skills to your already brilliant FIFA 17 team. 

What to expect from the event? 

A lot of hectic searching and a lot of annoying YouTube videos first off. The FIFA 17 Ones to Watch players will be extremely rare which means that people will be spending their hard earned FIFA points on searching for the FIFA 17 Ones to Watch special players. The players will be available for a limited time and the available ones will, for now, only be available for the most avid football fans. All in all, FIFA 17s Ones to Watch event is going to be an exciting opportunity to get a boost for your team of professionals. Now get those packs out and get ready for FIFA 17 Ones to Watch starting Sep. 30th . 

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