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FIFA 17 Winter Update


The Winter times are here and FIFA 17 is getting a bit of changes as the cold is rolling in to the minus. FIFA 17 has been changed up over the past few months that it has been active in the game scene and it seems like the community is quite happy with all of the additions and changes with the game. Is this FIFA 17 winter update any good or is it just a random waste of time by EA? Let’s go down and find out. 
Displaying correct kit on the player in the kit select screen.
Players will no longer be able to set custom player positions in Team Management during gameplay.
An issue in Squad Building Challenges where switching a higher rated player with a lower rated player resulted in the overall squad rating going up.
Removed Est. Date, Crest and Squad Name from the FUT Champions matchup screen.
Changed the latency bar graphic to give more detail on connection quality.
These are the biggest additions and changes to the FUT 17 (FIFA ULTIMATE TEAM) game mode and they are some big ones if I may say so myself. For players its hard to buy FIFA 17 Coins fast, same as buy FIFA 17 Points Account online, but still the game is surely going to be a better FIFA series addition thanks to these changes. 
Final Words
FIFA 17 has seen some good updates for all of it modes and it seems that the Winter update for FIFA 17 has improved FUT 17 quite a lot from its former self. So if you have thought over this time that FIFA 17 and FUT 17 have been missing out on something or have been broken, your fixes are here with the new Winter Update. 

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