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FIFA 17 ratings all wrong


So it seems that the FIFA series and FIFA 17 in particular has been hijacked by wild and horrible claims for players statistics. This has really split the FIFA 17 community into bits and pieces and it has caused a lot of problems when deciding who to pick for your team if you don’t really look at statistics. So is this true or is it all a lie? Let’s find out. 
What’s going on
It seems like that some players, well actually a lot of them, have had their ratings sabotaged or boosted thanks to people assigning ratings at random. We could get players in auction house with cheap FIFA 17 Coins or use cheap FIFA 17 Points Account to open packs. But we still want to say there are a lot of FIFA 17 players that seem to assign FIFA 17 player ratings that make no sense. In fact, there are a lot of FIFA 17 players that had their stats assigned by people who have never seen them play. Whilst this could be harmless, it could ruin the predictions and bets that people sometimes have for FIFA 17 games. It is a common notion amongst the community that FIFA 17 players should get their stats according to real life performance. But that just isn’t the case as it seems. 
FIFA 17 players seem to have a lot of statistics assigned to them by players who haven’t the foggiest idea of soccer games. This does create a huge problem amongst the player base in FIFA 17 and there will certainly be a lot of hatred towards those that have cheated when the statistics for players were assigned. But that’s just what happens when you let players do what they want in a game like FIFA 17. 

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