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Ignite vs Frostbite :Which is Better for FIFA?


Gone are the days when EA games used an old-fashioned graphics engine, as its biggest launches of 2016, such as Star Wars Battlefront and Battlefield 1 were adapted to the new graphic engine called Frostbite, which allows it EA to offer better gaming experiences.
The graphics engine that is used in the new installment of FIFA, allows EA to offer a more fluid game, dynamic and a more real and sensitive contact with the ball, which gives the game a high level of credibility. In this version, it really feels like we are in the game.
Control in the shots, a marker that shows where the ball is going to fall, improvements in the physics of the game and a notable improvement in the AI of the game are the key elements of this new version; which was only possible thanks to the Frostbite graphics engine.
The 4 new improvements available in the version are represented with 4 players, which are James Rodriguez, Eden Hazard, Marco Reus and Anthony Martial, but we will leave that for the next part.
Curious fact
Although EA has said it wants all of its new creations to be created with Frostbite, Madden 17 was not designed with that graphics engine in mind. We will have to wait for the next installment of Madden to see Tom Brady and the Patriots in action with this new graphics engine. So what’s your thinking? Welcome to leave a comment and discuss with us. Further more, welcome to our site too when you need to buy FIFA 17 Coins cheap, or need cheap FIFA 17 Points Account for Xbox One/ PS4. You will enjoy the best service online.   

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