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FIFA 18 Article

At the end of last week, with fans waiting for the arrival of Thibaut Courtois, Real Madrid announced an unexpected 'signing': that of Alex Hunter, protagonist of one of the game modes of the FIFA 18 sport simulator that will...

The cases of doping in the world of traditional sports are very sporadic. On the other hand, in eSports, this practice has become increasingly common. Many players choose to take pills to improve concentration to stimulants that...

The soccer simulator FIFA 18 already has a favorite for the final match of Russia 2018. Uruguay vs. France face at Nizhny Novgorod Stadium for following the World Cup dream. FIFA 18 players can simulate Russia 2018 World Cup...

Sony has published the list of best-selling games on the European PlayStation Store, highlighting the most downloaded titles on PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR and DLC being FIFA 18 the best-selling game of the month of June. Thanks...

The historic elimination of Germany in the first phase of the World Cup still continues to sink deep into the Germans who are still searching for the cause of the greatest failure in their football history. The Teutons came to...

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