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How to Score a Goal in FIFA 18


If you have the best players in FIFA 18, you can see them in our TOP 100, but you do not know how to take advantage, you will not win many games. That is why you should take advantage of the set pieces because they are a mine to make goals if you know certain tricks to throw the ball and with the right FIFA 18 players. That is why it is absolutely essential to score goals in FIFA 18 in this new installment.
If you wonder how to score a goal in FIFA 18 is not really complicated, and in fact it is very similar to the previous delivery, so you can practically make use of the same tricks. However, we have created some tips to carry out this fault procedure, paying attention to those faults closest to the front of the area and those that are a little further away.
Then we tell you how to score fault goals in FIFA 18 with great ease.
How to score free shots goals in FIFA 18
Shooting close to the front of the area with great power.
This type of foul must be located at a maximum of 15 meters from the front to score a goal, although if you have the right player could also be up to 20 meters away.
This foul must be thrown by a player with high score in shooting strength, shooting aim and foul shot. In Real Madrid the closest thing is Kroos and Bale, although Cristiano Ronaldo is also worth it. You can get these great players with FIFA 18 Coins in transfer market.  
Remember to take into account the score of your player to choose the right one. 

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