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The Feature Expected in FIFA 18


Thanks to everyone for following us in this analysis of the best features of FIFA 17 that we hope to appear in FIFA 18. We already talked about the graphic improvements, the implementations to the gameplay and the envelopes of FUT that we liked. This time, it is the turn of talking about the Journey mode, which is a work of art.

Actually, playing Journey did not feel like playing any way a game story, since we really felt in the shoes of Alex Hunter, which, we had to guide on his way to become a great football star.

From the beginning, Journey gave us that feeling of being able to control every move and decision of Alex Hunter. We really felt empowered to decide the future of the player. This was what made the Journey a unique and exceptional way.

We know that this feature will appear in FIFA 18, as it has been confirmed that The Joruney 2 will appear in the new installment of EA and have also confirmed that it will come better than ever. Several aspects will be improved and even lengthened .

In fact, The Journey was so good that it inspired EA to create Longshot, the Madden NFL 18 story mode, which looks great but very promising.

There were rumors about who we were going to control in FIFA 18, but we were finally told that Alex Hunter will once again be the main character in The Journey. We can´t wait to play this second part, Actually for fifa playing, the fifa 17 coins and fifa 18 coins are playing the important role in playing, the great players canbe bought with it!

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