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CS: GO – What is Operation Hydra


The last CS: GO operation is called Hydra. It is the first operation to include the diamond coin upgrade stage. The operation is available for a limited amount of time just like the other operations who came before it. During these months, players can take part in content and modes that are not normally part of the game. Hydra events are operation specific content. There are three of these events. War Games are events that add all sorts of rules to regular game modes. Heavy Assault Suit is a bomb defusal scenario in which players can buy an armored suit from the buy menu. In Headshots Only, players take part in a deathmatch that only allows headshots. Hunter gatherers mode requires players to work as a team to collect the dog-tags dropped by the enemies. Players get points that will count towards team victory. Stab stab zap is a scenario in which players use the knife and a special weapon that deals electric damage. Flying Scoutsman mode restricts the weapon usage to knife and sniper rifle and reduces gravity. In Trigger Discipline mode, players take damage when they miss a shot. 
Wingman and Weapons Expert are the other events available in this operation. The first event is a 2 versus 2 competition that has 16 rounds. The other mode has 5 versus 5 action. The catch is that each weapon can be bought once per match. Seven maps are available to play. Four of them are new and the remaining three are popular community creations. The maps are Shipped, Thrill, Agency, Insertion, Austria, Lite, and Black Gold. 

The content is available for free but there are benefits for those who decide to get the premium pack called All Access Pass. This costs $5.99. Players will get a coin that can be upgraded three times. The operation journal keeps track of players' activity in operation modes. There is also a campaign available. The operation case includes weapon designs and items. 
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