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FIFA 18 Play to Give Event Rewards


FIFA 18 players have the chance to take part in a unique event and to obtain a reward. The event is called Play to Give and it's a charitable one. It's available to anyone who owns a copy of the game and, of course, has access to an Internet connection. PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC players can join the event. Unfortunately, those playing on older consoles and Nintendo Switch cannot take part in it. We hope that next year Nintendo Switch users will be able to participate as well. Play to Give is a yearly event so it will most likely return in 2019. The event is not a challenging one. All that players have to do is to achieve 15 goals while playing Ultimate Team. It doesn't matter what mode players prefer as long as it is part of Ultimate Team. Those who manage to do this get a special kit. This reward cannot be obtained from another mode or event. The event lasts for three days so players have more than enough time to complete the requirement and to get the prize or FIFA 18 Coins etc. 
Play to Give is an EA campaign that encourages players to take part in an in-game activity for a charitable purpose. It was held for three years now. Several games are selected and a task is chosen. It's usually a popular one so all players can complete it no matter their level of skill. A reward is obtained when completing the task. This year, the campaign will donate one million dollars to three charity organizations. United Nations HeforShe fights for gender equality. Pacer's National Bullying Prevention Center and Ditch the Label, the other two organizations, have an anti-bullying agenda. The event runs at the beginning of June. The task doesn't require special effort from players so this is more like an extra rewarding activity. Those who also play Battlefield 1, Star Wars Battlefront II, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Mass Effect: Andromeda, NBA Live, Madden NFL, NHL 18, and Need for Speed Payback can take part in the event as well. 

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