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FIFA 18 Players Are Preparing for the Global Series Final


FIFA 18 is a popular e-sport. This year, fans and players have the chance to witness one of the most ambitious tournaments. EA Sports FIFA 18 Global Series is an event that comprises of multiple tournaments and contents. Games are played throughout the season to decide who will face-off in the final event that is scheduled to be played in August 2018. Skilled players join not just for the big prize but also for the glory that comes from being among the best FIFA 18 players in the world. The qualifying stages began in November 2017. These are followed by four main qualifying events that decide who the final competitors will be. These events are tournaments with their own prizes. Taking part in such an event is already an accomplishment as it takes serious skill to qualify. It's worth mentioning that only PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players are eligible to take part in the event. 
These four events are FUT Champions Cup, Eclub World Cup, external competitions, and official league partner tournaments. The FUT Champions Cup concluded with two grand events. These were the Playoffs. One event was for the PlayStation 4 players and the other for the Xbox One users. The XB1 Playoffs were played at the end of May in Amsterdam. The PS4 Playoffs took place at the beginning of June also in Amsterdam. There are 16 XB1 players and 16 PS4 players who will compete in the final. The last event, the Grand Final, will be played on August 2-4 in London. There will be separate events for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players. Two winners will be chosen. Those interested in the four groups can check out the official website to see the group positioning. The tournament rules and leaderboards are also on the website. Fans can watch the event live from the venue or by following the online stream and buy fifa 18 account to build your own team preparing for the next eWorld Cup. The Twitter page has the latest news and happenings concerning the grand final. 

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