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FIFA 18 Switch is Tracing PS4 for Christmas in Japan


Electronic Arts commitment to retake ties with Nintendo through FIFA 18 seemed the most propitious, although the lower quality of the version makes those who have two platforms are mostly decided to buy the desktop and not the hybrid. But Switch's surge in sales for Christmas gifts is helping the return of the football game, especially in Japan.

There, for several weeks FIFA 18 Switch sells more than the PS4 version in physical format. It is in a process of slow comeback and still far from hunting its rival, but it is remarkable the return that is living, especially for a franchise that is not as strong there. It is showing sustained purchases that make us think if it will finish ahead as the stock of hardware increases, which would be a small milestone for Nintendo.
FIFA 18 Switch, a success in Europe
It is, without doubt, the exception that confirms the rule because the EA football title is far ahead in both PS4 FUT 18 Coins and Xbox One in global terms. We do not have exact figures, but just look at the data we receive every month from its two most powerful markets, the United States and the United Kingdom.
In both Japan and the United Kingdom, the Christmas bounce is being felt in December. We will have to wait for the chimes to pass to see if the effect has also reached the United States and Spain to be able to draw the entire scenario. And even more to know if in EA these sales are enough to repeat next year or expand its catalog for Nintendo Switch.

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