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FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Ones to Watch


EA Sports has announced the much-rumored Ones to Watch from FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. In fact, these Ones to Watch are the most prominent signings of the summer, receive their special letter and will be available for a limited time. That is, we could get with these black envelopes until next October 9, but, apparently, they will be able to return in a still undetermined time.
What are the One to Watch?
The Ones to Watch are dynamic cards that in the first instance appear with the same stats as the original version of each FIFA 18 player, however, these are always updated automatically afterwards and do so in an exponential way, ie, the card begins in its normal state and rises to the maximum achievable level in FUT.
Let's take Morata's example in Ones to Watch, his average and stats will always be the same as the best Morata version in any IF, MOTM, TOTT, Record Breaker or Hero card.
In other words, if we have the normal version of one of these players, it will not be updated to your Ones to Watch. These letters can be obtained only in envelopes or later obtain them in the transferable market (we will do an article talking more in depth on this).
In conclusion, you should know that these are not the only special cards we have available in envelopes today, as until next Wednesday can also appear players who form the current Team of the Week. FIFA 18 (which changes every week). This way, you can grow your player template more and more and make it stronger. For this reason, we also prepared enough cheap FUT 18 Coins to help you build a better team. FIFA 18 is considered the most complete football simulator game of all time!

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