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FIFA Street Video Leaked in FIFA 18


In the Electronic Arts stand of the gamescom this year has been present, of course, FIFA 18 in the different gaming positions enabled by the company so that users and press can try their football simulator that will arrive on September 29 of this year.
A Twitter user has shared a brief video of the Gamescom 2017 in which a user is seen playing what appears to be a FIFA Street game on the FIFA 18 stage, so the alarms have exploded everywhere.
Thanks to a small and short video that has leaked, we know that FIFA Street (possibly) will be included within FIFA 18 in some way or another. They point out many Gamescom assistant that is a mode within "The Journey", and in other media point out that it could be only a mini game before starting the game so that the player does not get bored during the loading time (similar to The cargo screens we found on Devil May Cry 3 and Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi).
First of all we want to warn you that we are facing a leak and therefore could not be true, so until there is an official confirmation, this rumor should be treated as that (a single rumor). Users already speculate on whether it will be a minigame or even if it could be included in Alex Hunter's The Journey mode; As soon as we know more about you we will let you know.
The last FIFA Street went on sale in 2012 and you could enjoy street matches in a 4 VS 4 game mode. We will wait for confirmation later on how the street version of FIFA will be included within FIFA 18, which will be put to Selling for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.  If so, cheap FIFA 18 coins and FIFA 18 Comfort Trade service will be online too. 

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