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Five CS: GO Tips for Beginners


CS: GO supports player run servers. Players that want a different game experience have the option to create or join a private server. Those who run the server can make their own rules and only allow their buddies or people they know to join. The instructions on how to setup and manage a private server can be found online. Dedicated servers can run on Windows and Linux. 

Tweak with the mouse sensitivity. The mouse is the most important peripheral when playing a first person shooter game like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The mouse sensitivity can be set in the game settings. In most cases, beginner players will find it too high so they might want to take it down a bit. If the sensitivity is too low, players will be slow in reactions and if it's too high they will lose accuracy when moving and shooting. There is no general right setting. Players should experiment and find the setting that works best for them. 
Don't forget to customize the game. After finding the right mouse sensitivity, game options are the second most important game customization. Just like any game, CS: GO has video, audio, and control settings. Video settings have a great impact on user experience. Keep in mind that you should aim to have at least 60 frames per second. All players wish to play on maximum video settings but it's not worth to sacrifice performance for the sake of aesthetics. 
Stick to deathmatch mode in the beginning. This is the easiest mode as it has simple rules. It's a beginner's favorite as it allows them to focus on game mechanics without having to worry too much about the objective. As you get comfortable with the game, try other modes as well. 
Get familiar with a mode before playing it for the first time. Deathmatch is all about killing enemy players but other modes have conditions that must be met to achieve victory. Keep in mind that this a team game so every member should know their role. Running around after enemy players while your duty is to defuse the bomb is not a good idea. Thanks for your reading. Stay tuned with u7buy for more CS: GO information and FIFA 18 coins buying, etc. 

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