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Have You Tested PUBG Event Mode?


Event mode is one of the latest PUBG additions. This update is basically a new way to play the game. Event mode doesn't have fixed rules. It's also not available all the time. Players have the chance to take part in it for a limited period of time. When playing an event mode game, players will notice that things aren't as usual. They may be seeing content that is not available in regular matches of PUBG Event Mode
The first event mode game had two rules. The size of the team and the drop rate for certain weapons was doubled. Normally, teams can have up to four members but during the event, players were able to join teams of eight members. Twice as many rifles as usual were available as the drop rate for this weapon was increased. There were some limitations concerning maps and perspective as well. Those who took part in this event could only choose one map and one perspective. The chosen map for this mode is Erangel. Normally, players can choose from two perspectives: first person and third person. The event was available to play in third person only. Taking part in event games does not have any influence on the rank. This doesn't mean that players don't get any rewards. BP is obtained by all who take part in these games. Although these changes are not too drastic, it was nice to experience a variant of the usual rules. This was just a test run to see how the new system works. Developers promised that future events will be more exciting and will have crazier rules. 
To take part in an event mode game, players need to go to the main menu and select the Event option from the Match menu. The option available for team is squad. The perspective has only one option available as well and that is TPP. There is no special fee or anything to play event games. This feature can be accessed by anyone who has the game. 
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