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How Will FIFA 18 Look Like?


FIFA 18 is one of the most anticipated games of this year, since previous deliveries have managed to climb quickly to the top of the sales charts. Here's a review of everything we know so far from this game developed by EA Sports.
Preview: this is how the next FIFA 18 video game will be
At the moment it is almost confirmed the launch date of FIFA 18, which is expected for the month of September. The video game will be available for several platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One and - surprise! - The new Nintendo Switch.
As for the price, it is expected to be around 60 Euros when it comes to the market in Spain.
The characteristics and the innovations that the game itself brings are still almost a mystery. The "story mode" that EA Sports introduced at FIFA 17 is likely to continue to work. We will have to wait for the launch to see if we will have improvements in the narrative.
We will continue to have a history mode in FIFA 18, and hope to see improvements in career mode.
On the other hand, it is already speculated with the introduction of improvements in the "career mode". In the last years many players have expressed their complaints by the failures of this modality. However, it is difficult to know if EA will act in any way to satisfy its users or if it will leave the race mode almost intact.
Keep in mind that the Internet has filled with memes and jokes about these failures. In general, the mistakes of FIFA video games have almost become a hallmark of the franchise. Second, u7buy will keep good service to offer cheap FIFA 18 Coins for you when this game released.  

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