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How to Create the Unbeatable Goalkeeper in FIFA Pro Clubs 18 (Part One)


When entering the field of play in FIFA 18, one of the biggest difficulties lies in the goal. In this edition of the EA Sports game, knowing how to control a goalkeeper is more complicated than ever (since everything is more realistic now) and requires having good FIFA 18 players skilled enough in his statistics to sing as little as possible.
To be a reliable goalkeeper, the fundamental thing is to know how to constitute a true physical portent. But what requirements should it have? What are the conditions that the best goalkeeper in the world should have? And most importantly: what are the variables that matter most in FIFA 18 to be unbeatable under the arcs? We have created a small guide to tell you what you must do to create the best goal keeper. Be patient, because this guide will arrive in 2 installments.
Height and weight
Within the Clubes Pro menu, the first thing that you will ask us will be the information of the FUT 18 goalkeeper. Data such as your name, physical features, appearance, etc. Something Skyrim style, but within all this, what will have a direct influence on our performance will be the height and weight. These two variables are going to be those that define our abilities. In case of a goalkeeper, and specifically the needs that are most important in FUT 18 , the first thing is that our goal keeper is quick and has enough reflexes to stretch like Benji Price towards any angle of the goal.
Our personal recommendation is that its height should turn around 192 cm and 195 cm, while the perfect weight will oscillate around 67 kilos. In this way, in the lower table of the menu we will see how the skills related to the speed and reflexes of our goalkeeper increase. 

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