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The Myth of Number of Resignations to Be Fired From Career Mode


A new experience was tried by a youtuber in the FIFA 18 career mode. The mythbuster tried to answer an existential question: what happens when we abandon all matches as a coach?
This same youtuber is known for having turned out questions, such as what will happen when all the players are injured? Or "What happens when Ronaldo returns to Manchester United? A recent query from that youtuber was: What happens when you give up all the matches in career mode?
You could immediately imagine, if a trainer renounces everything in real life, he may be fired in a matter of minutes. In the FIFA 18 race mode, things are not that different (thanks for the EA realism!).
You will not need more than four game withdrawals to get fired from the career mode in FIFA 18
The youtuber chose Real Madrid for this little test. He begins to abandon all the games, to see when the direction would dismiss him.
So in his experiment we started seeing a first abandonment, followed naturally by a lot of messages. In fact, he receives messages from club leaders, who advise him to repeat the game. When you cancel for the second time, you do not receive the message.
But it is with the third abandonment that things become complicated. After this "defeat" against Deportivo, the leaders send him a new message, a "last warning". If you understand correctly, the fourth abandonment is really the last of your season. After that, the club finally makes the decision to fire you, and that is how the end of the adventure comes.
It would be interesting to try at home ... of course, if you're already bored of playing FIFA 18.

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