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The Rarest CS: GO Achievements


King of the Kill. This achievement requires players to take part in 5,000 games of arms race or demolition. It's the rarest achievement and only 2,8% of the players have it. 
The Professional. Only 2,9% of the player base has managed to score 500 wins in arms race or demolition mode. The achievement Cold Pizza Eater is the same but requires 1000 wins instead of 500. The percentage of players who have it is the same. 
Sar Czar. Those who rescue 500 hostages get this one. So far, 3,6% of the players got it. 
Kill of the Century. If players win 100 arms race or demolition mode games they get this achievement. It is obtained by 3,6% of the players. 
Cowboy Diplomacy. This achievement is obtained after 100 hostages were rescued. The percentage of players who've done this is 3,8%. 
Rampage! Seems like winning an arms game without dying is not so easy as only 4,0% of the players managed this. 
Clusterstruck. This is awarded when the player takes down five opponents with the bomb he or she has planted. Only 4.4% of the players have done this. 
Aztec Map Veteran. About 5% (4.9% to be more precise) of the CS: GO players have won 100 rounds on Aztec. 
Master at Arms. When all kill awards related to weapons are unlocked, players get this achievement. It was acquired by 5.3% of all players. 
Marksman. Players who successfully complete a game of arms race or demolition on all available maps get this achievement. So far, 5.5% of the users have it. 
Italy Map Veteran. Players who win 100 rounds on Italy get this achievement. The percentage of those who have it is 5.6%. 
Dust Map Veteran. The requirements are the same as for the previous achievement but the map in question is Dust. There are 5.7% of the player who have obtained it. 
Defuse This! The percentage of players who managed to kill the defuser with an HE grenade is 6.9%. 
Flame Expert. Seven percent of all players have killed at least 100 opponents with an incendiary grenade or with a Molotov grenade. 

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