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Everything You Need to Know About FIFA 19 (Part 1)


Although the last game of FIFA was not launched long ago, we are already thinking about the arrival of the next one, the
What will surprise us?
FIFA 18 was a pretty decent update, but admittedly it was in FIFA 17 when we saw a really remarkable evolution compared to previous models. Will 2019 FIFA show a remarkable evolution against 18? How can you surprise us EA?
When will FIFA 19 be available?
The launch date of FIFA 19 will be on September 28. You can order the Champions Edition in advance to have access to FIFA 19 three days before the official launch date, that is, on September 25.
How much does FIFA 19 cost?
The standard edition of FIFA 19 costs $ 69.99. You can buy special packages like the FIFA 19 Champions Edition for $ 89.99 or the FIFA 19 Ultimate Edition for $ 99.99.
For what platforms will FIFA 19 be available?
FIFA 19 will be available for the obvious platforms: PS4, Xbox One and for the computer. We are also surprised to see that it will also be available in a reduced version for PS3 and Xbox 360.
In addition, you can use on Nintendo Switch, like the FIFA 18, but probably this version will not include The Journey and Frostbite graphics due to hardware limitations.
What can we expect from FIFA 19?
Well that my friends is something that we will approach in the next time, since there is much, but much to cover. So be sure to stay tuned to U7Buy, because we are going to have the cheapest fifa 19 coins and full coverage of the game. 

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