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Everything You Need to Know About FIFA 19 (Part 2)


What can we expect from FIFA 19?
EA Sports has confirmed some of FIFA 19's new tools before its official launch. One of the ones that has most attracted our attention is the Kick Off mode or, what is the same, soccer without rules. Anarchy.
You can configure the game with the rules that you choose, which also includes no rules, that is, without games, without fouls or that the goals only count when they get their heads.
It is true that FIFA sometimes has trouble adding new tools year after year, although it is also true that a true fan of the game will buy it anyway, right?
Champions League
EA has taken the rights to use the brand of the Champions League (Champions League) and the Europa League to Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer. This is a hard blow for Konami, but a great advantage for FIFA 19 if it is true.
Previously, in FIFA 18 you could only play the Champions Cup. And it is true that the absence of its iconic music and the lack of similarity in the trophy detract from the game. However, this lack of emotion will see its end in September.
The Journey: Champions
In Gamescom, EA confirmed that the single player mode will be called The Journey: Champions. He described it as "a final in the game this year," so something new is expected in FIFA 20.
The story revolves around Alex Hunter, Danny Williams and Kim Hunter. Narratives intersect and you can even cycle between them at will to get different experiences as you play through the important moments of your careers.
You can interact with players like Neymar, Alex Morgan and Paulo Dybala on and off the field, get these players with cheap fifa 19 coins and even decide how you should communicate on social media.
But as in the previous two games, the fact of getting off the bench and scoring the winning goal on the stages of the final phase is exciting enough for us to continue playing.

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