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FIFA 19 Rewards Schedule


If you want to know when the rewards are delivered in FIFA 19, according to the different game modes, we will clarify what day, and even what time you will receive them in your game account.

Everyone knows that FIFA 19 is much more than a football game, since in recent years it has been incorporating many other features that have made it a much deeper proposal. Among some new features of this year are Division Rivals, a kind of challenges that we must meet to always try to be in the major divisions and obtain many more rewards.
This way in Ultimate Team of FIFA 19 we can now get rewards from Squad Battles or FUT Champions like the last years, but also from the new modality of game Division Rivals.
When are the rewards delivered in FIFA's Division Rivals, Squad Battles and FUT Champions?
Since there are now several ways in Ultimate Team that deliver rewards, and there is a little confusion about what day of the week and what time we receive them in our account, we will clarify this point.
Squad Battles
In this game mode we can compete against other teams in the FUT community to win rewards while improving our ranking in the tables.
The rewards are delivered every Monday around 2:05 a.m, peninsular time.
Division Rivals
This mode allows you to face other players with a level similar to yours trying to win weekly rewards like FIFA 19 Coins according to the division in which you find yourself.
The rewards are delivered every Thursday at 9:00 a.m, peninsular time.
FUT Champions
In this mode, users from all over the world compete to reach the maximum possible rank in the rankings of each week and each month, and in this way obtain great rewards.
The rewards are delivered every Thursday at 20:00 p.m, peninsular time.

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