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First FIFA 19 FUT Champions Cup Has Been Announced


FIFA 19 Global Series tournament has already started. The first stage is complete and now we are getting ready for the six FUT Champions Cups that will be played all over the world. This next stage will kick off at the end of November in Bucharest, Romania. This is the first of the six Champion Cups events. The event will be watched by FIFA 19 players and fans from all corners of the world as it is a major event of this competitive season. This cup's participants are those who qualified in the previous stage. FUT Champion Verified participants were required to compete in online games. This online qualifier phase took place in October. 
The FUT Champions Cup has 64 participants. There are 32 players representing each of the two platforms chosen for the competition, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Bad luck for PC and Nintendo Switch players as they cannot use these platforms to qualify and to participate. The FUT Champions Cup in Bucharest will be a three days event beginning on November 30th. It will last until December 2nd. Each participant will get a number of points. The first place will get 1,500 points and fifa 19 coins as rewards. The runner-up gets 850 points. Third and fourth places get 625 points. The fifth through eighth place gets 450 points. Ninth place through 16th gets 275 points. The remaining players, 17th to 32nd, get 150 points. The reward for the first place also consists of a nice sum of money. The first FUT Champions Cup winner gets $50,000. 
Some of the participants are veteran FIFA 19 players but there are also many rookies. This means that anyone has a chance to become a professional player. Anyone who has skills and dedication, of course. Players who won competitive FIFA 18 events are returning for another shot at the big prize. We get to see players such as Donovan Hunt who won FUT Champions Cup Barcelona edition in 2017. Spencer Ealing who won FIFA Interactive World Cup 2017 will participate as well. Joksan Redona, the North American player who won the Continental Cup at Paris Games Week, is part of the roster too. The complete list is available on the official FIFA 19 website. 

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