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Usain Bolt Leaked in FIFA 19


The well-known athlete Usain Bolt has recently started his new adventure in the world of football with the Central Coast Mariners team belonging to the A-League of Australia. This league is one that appears in FIFA 19 so according to a filtration, if the team ends up registering the Jamaican, it may appear as FIFA 19 and especially in Ultimate Team.
"If the Central Coast Mariners sign up for Usain, it will automatically be included in the winter update or the next major update, but if it does not appear on the list, it could be included as a free agent," explains the alleged EA Sports source.
One of the best athletes on earth arrives at FIFA 19
In addition some sources collect what would be the complete filtration, containing their statistics for Ultimate Team. The Jamaican would be the only one in the game to have 99 of pace despite the fact that the rest of the characteristics place him as very deficient. A 40 shot, 35 pass and only 49 as a global rating also make it a clear market objective beyond the curiosity of forming your team with the world record holder.
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What do you think?
Do you think that the inclusion of Bolt is a correct move? Do you agree with the appearance of guests in FIFA 19? Recall the case in which Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared as a pre-sale incentive in a WWE video game. It is always welcome to have more characters that renew the formula of the game.

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