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Guide 10/27/2017

Increase team OVR. At the start of the new season, players will be rewarded based on their performance in the season that passed. Team OVR is used to determine players' performance. This means that players have until the end of the...

Guide 10/13/2017

FIFA Mobile will go through a reset. To prepare players for the second season, a new program called Pre-Season is added to the game. It was officially announced that there won't be any other programs in the current season so this is...

Guide 06/10/2017

FIFA Mobile's attack mode was replaced with a new one called VS attack. This is a new way to compete against other players. It's more challenging but also more fun. With the new mode, games will take less time so players have the...

Guide 03/04/2017

Plans are one of the numerous ways to earn rewards in FIFA Mobile. Players' goal is to acquire as many items as possible to improve their team and to sell for FIFA Mobile coins . FIFA Mobile has a rewards system called Plans. This...

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