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Discover A New Way to Play FIFA Mobile With the New VS Attack Mode


FIFA Mobile's attack mode was replaced with a new one called VS attack. This is a new way to compete against other players. It's more challenging but also more fun. With the new mode, games will take less time so players have the time for more matches. They can achieve more wins and more rewards. A few other changes were made with the introduction of the new VS Attack. 
Players will notice that the world map is gone. Instead of the world map, they will now see a matchmaking screen that displays details about the division players are in at the moment, the requirements to achieve a division promotion and the play match button. The new matchmaking system is similar to the old one. Players will be paired with fellow division members. The number of fans is the element on which the matchmaking is made. After players have signed up for a match, they have 15 seconds to decide on a formation and to make a tactics decision. The opponent will play against the formation selected by the player. A FIFA Mobile VS attack game lasts two minutes. In these two minutes, players have to score goals against the enemy team. The player with the most scored goals will be declared winner. The timer flows even when corners or penalty kicks are performed. Players will also see what their opponent is doing. They get a notification each time the opponent scores a goal.
The new VS attack has no extra time so players have no time to lose. Players get fans based on how many wins they achieve in VS attack and get placed in divisions based on the number of obtained fans. When players lose a match, the number of fans will be decreased. Losing too many matches could result in players being demoted to a lower division. VS attack system is used only in competitive multiplayer. Friendly matches and league games still use the old attack mode. There are no plans to update friendly and league mode to VS attack anytime soon. Want to make your team better to win? Buy FIFA Mobile Coins from online stores will help you a lot. Get ready now.  

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